Corn Feed

Uncover the Science of Savings

NexGen Corn Feed for Efficient Livestock Nutrition

Experience the game-changing power of NexGen corn feed, the ultimate cost-effective solution designed exclusively for livestock owners. Inspired by cutting-edge technology, our innovative approach takes corn-based livestock feed to a new level. With a proven digestibility rate of 90-94%, NexGen Corn empowers your animals to reach their target weight faster while significantly reducing daily feed requirements. Witness the remarkable transformation as your livestock thrive, all while saving precious time and hard-earned money. Don’t settle for ordinary feed options—upgrade to NexGen Feed Solutions and unlock the true potential of your livestock today!

How Can NexGen Help You?

Better Cuts of Meat

Unlock premium meat quality through our unparalleled feed solution, harness maximum livestock performance and profitability.

Cost-Effective Feed

We suggest that feeders can reduce the amount of corn fed by approximately 30% when feeding NexGen corn.

Shorten Weight Gain Time

Elevate your livestock nutrition with unmatched digestibility. Our corn feed is more abundant vitamins and nutrients.

Optimal Digestion

Discover the Simplicity Behind Our Feed Innovation

The process is straightforward. We grind whole corn to our specification, and then that ground corn and water are fed into the barrel of our extruders and mechanically moved, under tremendous pressure, through the barrel. The movement of the ground corn through the extruder barrel creates temperature and cell wall rupture of those minute pieces of corn. That combination and result gelatinize the corn’s starch component, resulting in increased ease of digestibility when taken in as feed in livestock.

From Nature to Nutrition

Chemical-Free Process Yields Exceptionally Digestible Feed

While other feed manufacturing processes resort to chemical additives to attain elevated digestibility levels, our revolutionary extrusion process achieves superior digestibility through its intrinsic manufacturing techniques. We pride ourselves on delivering a highly digestible feed product that requires no chemicals or additives except for a minimal amount of water. Experience our feed’s purity and nutritional excellence, crafted with care to provide your livestock with optimal health and vitality.