Corn and Soy Blend

A game changer

NexGen's High-Protein, High-Fat Corn/Soy Blend

NexGen Feed Solution’s new Corn/Soy Blend is revolutionizing the livestock feed market with its impressive nutritional benefits. It adds 15% protein and 5% fat, which is achieved by grinding corn kernels and soybeans together, and then extruding them. This process creates a blend that maintains the familiar look and taste of our original extruded corn product, while offering enhanced protein and fat content. This game-changing product has not only improved nutritional value but is also outselling our original corn product, indicating its popularity and effectiveness.

How Can NexGen Help You?

Better Cuts of Meat

Achieve premium meat quality with our unmatched feed solution, optimizing livestock performance and boosting profitability.

Cost-Effective Feed

Feeding NexGen corn can reduce the amount of fed by about 30% with NexGen's corn and soy blend.

Shorten Weight Gain Time

Elevate your livestock's nutrition with superior digestibility. Our feed provides an abundance of vitamins and nutrients.

Corn and Soy Perfected

A Simple Process for Superior Livestock Nutrition

The process is simple. We grind whole corn and soy to our specifications. Then, we mix the ground blend with water and feed it into a barrel of extruders. The extruders mechanically move through the barrel under tremendous pressure. This movement creates temperature and causes the cell walls of the corn and soy to rupture. As a result, the starch component gelatinizes, making it easier to digest when used as livestock feed.

Chemical Free Feed

Natural Techniques for Optimal Livestock Nutrition

Unlike other feed manufacturing processes that rely on chemical additives to enhance digestibility, our innovative extrusion method achieves superior results through natural manufacturing techniques. We take pride in offering a highly digestible feed product that requires only minimal water, without any chemicals or additives. Experience our feed’s purity and nutritional excellence, meticulously crafted to ensure your livestock’s optimal health and vitality.