Proudly Made in Burns, WY

The Future of
Feed Alternatives

Proudly Made in Burns, WY

The Future of
Feed Alternatives

Superior Feed for Superior Results

NexGen livestock feed is a vision of the future in feed alternatives for livestock feeders.

We offer a superior feed option for dairy farmers, hog farmers, cattle feed yards, poultry feeders, and small-scale agricultural operations. NexGen corn and soy livestock feed is 92% digestible. Compare that to cracked corn which is 23% digestible, and steam-flaked corn at 80% digestible. More digestibility equals increased efficiency in your feeding program.

What Livestock Does NexGen Feed?

Dairy Cows

Beef Cattle







Proudly Made in the USA

NexGen feed is a new product produced in the Mountain West.

NexGen corn is a derivative of the soybean industry, which has been established for numerous decades. Given its high viability within our region, NexGen feed presents significant growth potential as a competitive alternative to other corn-based livestock feed products.

How Can NexGen
Help My Feeding Program?

Improve Starch Availability

Improve Digestibility

Chemical Free Grain

Enhance Hair Coat

Increase Top Line Condition

Cost-Effective Feed

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