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FAQs about Our State Of The Art Corn Feed

We strive to address all inquiries promptly and transparently, ensuring that our customers are well-informed about NexGen’s unique benefits and features. We aim to deliver accurate, detailed information that empowers our customers to make informed decisions. We ensure that all FAQs are answered efficiently through clear communication channels, such as our website, email, and phone support, helping our customers optimize their livestock nutrition while maximizing cost savings.

Frequently Asked Questions

NexGen Feed Solutions has no minimum purchase requirement when you bring a container. Otherwise we sell and ship 50 pound bags, 1100-1200 pound totes (super sacks) or in bulk, (i.e. grain trailer, gravity wagon, feed truck, etc.) We can also set you up on a delivery schedule for an additional fee.

We can deliver NexGen corn to our customers. The delivery charge is based on the quantity of NexGen corn purchased and mileage to the delivery point. Our customers can also pick up their feed if that is easier for them.

Using rumen digestibility as a control point, NexGen corn is approximately 93% digestible when compared to whole corn (18% digestible), cracked corn (23% digestible), rolled corn (52% digestible). NexGen Feed Solutions suggests that feeders can reduce the amount of corn fed by approximately 30% when feeding NexGen corn. Results may vary based on the other components of the total feed ration.

Our manufacturing processes are designed to respond to just about any market condition. Corn availability is not a problem for our business.

Supplies of corn are fairly stable in our region and as a result we have not changed our prices since early 2022.

Because NexGen corn is a brand new livestock feed product we work with our customers to build the best deal for them. We want our customers to have as much flexibility as possible.

We currently can process up to 50 tons of NexGen corn per day.

NexGen corn is proudly produced in Burns, Wyoming.

Because we are creating a market for our product, we are always investigating methods to improve and differentiate NexGen corn. We currently are producing test products that blend corn and soybeans, an extruded wheat product and a NexGen corn alfalfa blend.